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Special 3 Weeks of Martial Arts Training

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Are you ready for summer time?

With warmer weather approaching now is the time to think about getting in shape to get that lean hard body you have always dreamed of having. It is no accident that getting in shape takes training, consistency and eating the correct foods to help turbo charge your results. The correct time to start is NOW […]

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Adult MMA and Weight Training

Adults not only train with weights but they also train in mixed martial arts. Watch and see how we train the adults with both weights and mixed martial arts in Langley. Remember training has nothing to do with age, it has to do with desire to constantly improve and get better.

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Junior Martial Arts Training

Watch some of the Children’s Mixed Martial Arts Training program. Do you want to increase your child’s confidence and focus? If yes then get them involved in our martial arts program and let them vastly improve in many areas of their lives with this specialized training program for juniors ages 6yrs and up

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Bikini Bootcamp Starts

Here is a current update of events, we have Bikini Bootcamp classes starting tonight so if you have not signed up we have a few remaining spots. CLICK HERE to Enroll Summer is coming so get that beach body ready by working out and feeling better. Also we are starting a new class called Cardio […]

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Ok I am sending you this email because I am celebrating my 52nd Birthday, that means also I am celebrating 40 years in the Martial Arts. Yes it is true I started my training when I was 12 years old, now fast forward to 40 years later and you have 52 years of life. So […]

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Summer Time

It seems summer weather is fast approaching. Have you been training your body for those skinny jeans? Maybe a wedding is on the horizon or you just had a baby? No matter what the reason the fastest way to drop those unwanted pounds is with some HIT training, better known as High Intensity Training. What […]

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