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Summer Time

It seems summer weather is fast approaching. Have you been training your body for those skinny jeans? Maybe a wedding is on the horizon or you just had a baby? No matter what the reason the fastest way to drop those unwanted pounds is with some HIT training, better known as High Intensity Training. What […]

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Good job Jake, Zac and Kirt who train in the adult MMA class. Sparring, grappling and self-defense skills demonstrated were outstanding  

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Martial Arts Training Frequency

Like anything in life if you are new and excited you want to increase your frequency in your training. However demands of 21st century life make this simple task challenging. I always recommended to start with 2x per week and depending on the program if you are keen adding a 3rd day when applicable. Remember […]

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Weight Training

Training with weights is important, if you want to speed up your metabolism and increase lean body mass then you should be training 3 – 5 times per week. Do not worry females you lack the hormone to get big, in fact the average male eating optimally and hitting the weights HARD may only see […]

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